Healthy & Tasty Edible Oils are offered at reasonable rates.

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Healthy & Tasty Edible Oils are offered at reasonable rates.
About Us

In food industry, we, Vasundhara Oil Industries are the most trusted company because we live by the oath of serving singularly 'Quality'. Our quality-focused production approach hasn't just accelerated our profits but increased clients-base. In both domestic and international markets, we are famed as a reliable manufacturer that serves unparalleled quality of Groundnut Oil, Refined Cottonseed Oil, Refined Soyabean Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil and Refined Corn Oil. Since we deal in consumables, we focus upon quality because consumption of inferior quality of food products directly affects health. In finely constructed testing laboratory, offered line of Edible Oils is examined on safety and quality factors to annihilate chances of impurities. As an exporter, we enjoy great international market presence. Abiding exporting rules and regulations, we carry out business in overseas. 

Pure Quality of Edible Oils

Fancied bottles & Cans of Edible Oils with fake quality marks, kept on the shelf of the store in the supermarket often try to lure customers with its exterior packaging and bogus self-claimed quality certifications. Hence, what producers of such fake quality of Edible Oils have forgotten that people have become smarter and  know the difference between pure and impure. To aid such modern and smart people who care about health and likes to invest money in singularly pure quality of oils, we have come as a manufacturer. With the assistance of diverse supply channel dealers, we are serving Edible Oils having exceptional nutritional qualities and below mentioned attributes at prices, very reasonable.
  • Assists in boosting growth of cells in human body. Presence of Vitamin E and diverse other essential minerals in offered oils protects skin and eyes.
  • When included in diet, our offered Edible Oils softens cracked feet and better metabolism rate
  • The need of fatty acids is completed by offered Edible Oils. Presence of Omega-3 & Omega-6  fatty acids aids in good digestion and prevent chronic heart diseases.
Experience has Made Us 'Achiever'

Long-standing market experience has made us 'Achiever' of excellent sales volumes, high customers-satisfaction and increased market goodwill. We deeply understand needs of customers and try to fulfill these with utmost sincerity. Experience of more than 21 years has helped us grow on both domestic and international market fronts. Our achievements in the form of high market growth and increased profits, year after year, have expanded our customer-base. 
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